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Good Morning,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for putting on the Uncommitted showcase. The girls recruiting literally blew up after the showcase.
They spoke with coaches from all over the US. They both have signed to play at the next level and the videos from the camp were a big factor in those signings.
Thanks  - Kevin Christensen

"Thank you all so much for all of the wonderful opportunities that have come my way since I participated in the Uncommitted Showcase this winter!  I wanted you to know that I traveled to Wayne State College (NCAA D2) Wayne, NE, last week to participate in their Prospect Camp and I was offered a spot to play for the school!!"

Carolina 'Lina' Delgado

“This experience (Team Northwest 2021) has opened up new doors and given her a level of confidence she hasn't had in the past. These three [coaches] believed in her and her abilities and supported her this whole weekend. Tori had a great experience being "away" from mom and dad and rooming with two gals who are now lifelong friends. She will be promoting this expereience to everyone she meets giving this program the reputation it is hoping for. She will work her hardest to be on the Team Nw next year too as she was exhausted but loved every moment. Tori is a twin and the two of them are already planning to work their hardest to be picked for the 2022 team to represent!
Thank you for the great opportunity!” - Jeff and Wendy Smith,

Hey Mike,

"I just wanted to give a big thanks to Fast Pitch NW.  Its been awesome participating the last four years, my oldest daughter Emma Williams signed her offical letter of intent and received a scholarship to play ball at Treasure Valley Community College starting next fall.  Your program is hands down the best and has given Emma many options to find the right school for her.  My younger daughter Elin whos a sophmore has been twice and has already been in contact with several coaches.  Thanks for all you do for for these girls and the sport of softball".

Thanks, - Tommy Williams


"My Fastpich NW experience couldn’t have been any better my last three years involved with it. The first year I attended Fastpitch NW our team won the championship and the next year at the older level we were runners up, and just this last year I got to know some wonderful people and play with incredible athletes that love the game as much as I do.  I also got to interact with some of the college coaches, who have inspired me to be the best I can be when it comes to academics and playing softball at the college level."

Lisa Sylvester - (Bend High School, Bend/OR).

“Coach Ken, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to be assessed and critiqued as well as the experience to learn new things from both you and coach Tom.
It was a real treat and a great experience to be tutored by such accomplished coaches.  Despite the cold and the rain, I still had a wonderful time and thought the program was very organized, well run and challenging. I think the whole concept of your program is great by giving players more opportunities to showcase their talents which of course  leads to potential opportunities for scholarships and recruitment exposure ... I am so appreciative of what you are doing. So once again thank you! My teammates and I had a great time and it was a pleasure to be coached by you and coach Tom!”

Kendra Ho - (Delta Heat 97A)

“My FPNW experience was awesome. I loved it. On the way there I told mom I was going to make my team win it because I was going to make my team win it. I just loved it and had a great time. We had a connection that other teams didn’t have. I love all the girls.”

Dayna Reynolds - (British Columbia, Canada)

"I got involved in Fastpitch Northwest because I wanted to get my name out there to other colleges and to learn/gain new information. I really enjoyed the Fastpitch Northwest experience because I thought it was fun.  At first I didn't really know what to expect with the tournament in Centralia, but after the first day and meeting new people, I was excited for what was going to happen next."

Stefanie Snow - (Oregon City, OR) Verbally committed to Walla Walla CC.

“My first exposure to FPNW was the 2011 Championship Tournament in Centralia where I was totally surprised that I was both unaware of this event and the uniqueness of the format of this event.  The opportunity to make contacts with players and coaches from all over the Northwest was unreal. In that one visit I was able to build out my recruiting pipeline and sign two outstanding players. I now go out of my way to participate in any of their events, tournaments and qualification camps.”

Ray Moffitt - (Head Coach Big Bend Community College)

“Fastpitch NW was a great experience because I had the chance to play with girls from around the state, It gave me an opportunity to meet and play with players who want to move on to the next level and were truly motivated. It also was great to have college exposure with different colleges within the Northwest. From the first year I liked how there was guest speakers who helped lay out the expectation of playing in college and shared personal experiences that were very motivational. I would like to thank all of you for providing a format to help girls within the NW to get college exposure, make new friendships, and pursue their passion.”

Ashley Pesek - (Redmond, OR) Signed with D2 Northwest Nazarene (Nampa, ID).

“I got involved in Fastpitch Northwest because it sounded like a great opportunity to get exposed and to play games against talented athletes. Fastpitch Northwest was overall a really great experience. The coaches make you feel really comfortable and all of the girls at the camps were so nice and had really good attitudes. It's a really cool thing when you're surrounded by other players who have the same goals as you do and it's also really motivating to keep getting better. Along with the scholarship, I got so many of my questions about college softball answered and I got to meet a lot of really great athletes.”

Shelbee Wells - (Bend,OR) Now playing at Blue Mountain CC (Pendleton, OR).

“I got involved in Fastpitch Northwest to better myself as a player and to get some exposure. I really enjoyed the evaluation camp that I went to. It showed me how it's better to be able to play multiple positions or to be willing to try a new one. I learned about the recruiting process and how we should realize how focused you have to be to play softball and do your school work.”

Miranda Smith - (Prineville, OR) Senior at Crook County High School.

“My high school coach informed me about Fastpitch Northwest and I thought it was a great program to help athletes to expose themselves to college coaches. From the helping and nice people at the Prospect Evaluation Clinic to the tournament in Centralia, Fastpitch Northwest was just a great experience overall because I had the opportunity to play with athletes I had never played with before and seeing first hand what other coaches taught their athletes was a great way to learn what college coaches may want from me. In addition to a softball scholarship, Fastpitch Northwest has allowed me to see exactly what I am capable of because it is definitely NOT lacking in competition level.”

Nicole Brown - (Touchet. WA) Now playing at Blue Mountain Community College (Pendleton, OR).

“I got involved in Fastpitch Northwest because I was interested in playing on a team with girls I'd never played with before since I knew that that's how my first year of college ball would be. I also wanted to see how I compared to other players around the country. I really enjoyed Fastpitch Northwest. The tryout was pretty chill and it was fun to be able to show off what you could do. Throughout both the tryout and tournament, girls had a "beat that" attitude which pushed everyone to do their best and really compete in order to outshine others. Fastpitch Northwest showed me where girls around country were in their abilities. It showed me that, yes, I can definitely play at the next level. It also taught me how to communicate among a team of strangers. By the end of the tournament we weren't just a bunch of girls randomly thrown on a roster, we were a real team.”

Ali Schauer - (Leavenworth, WA) Now a freshman pitcher/outfielder at Northwest Nazarene University (Nampa, ID)