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The Northwest Championships "ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM" is sent "All Expenses Paid" to the Las Vegas City of Lights National Exposure event held in October . Players receive Airfare, Hotel, Meals, Uniform, Travel Gear, Local Transportation and Registration for the Individual Showcase Camp.


Each team will participate in 5 SHOWCASE GAMES games Friday starting no earlier than 1:00pm and Saturday again starting no earlier than 1:00pm and Sunday ending no later than 12:30pm.

College Coach open house is at 12:45pm Sunday after the conclusion of the Individual Showcase Camp. This is an 18 & Under Open event. All teams receive equal opportunity to be seen by college coaches.

Triple Crown will not be connecting individual athletes with college coaches at this event. We simply allow all coaches to view the games in an environment with all athletes and provide general information to athletes, parents and club coaches.

There will be NO SCORES kept during the event. 1 hour and 20 minute drop dead games and no substitution restrictions. Although there will be 2 umpires on each field this is to help control the game for the time and keep all parties on the field safe. College coaches work these games and will be rotating fields every 40 minutes. A Triple Crown Roster online. The roster goes into a handbook, which is given to ALL college coaches in attendance. College Coaches will work the Team Showcase from the backstops.

Parent Talk: A Triple Crown representative will present a short talk to help parents and players start a dialog about their future (45 minutes) on Friday  on the lower fields (between the Individual Showcase Camp Skills Sessions and the team showcase games). All parents and players are welcome to attend even if they are not in the Individual Showcase Camp. Sunday - (after the completion of the Individual Showcase Camp Games about Noon) at the lower fields will be an open house. This is an opportunity for players to talk with all college coaches in attendance. NCAA coaches will be wearing RED name tags and can only speak to high school seniors about their softball program due to NCAA compliance restrictions. NAIA and Junior college coaches will be wearing GREEN name tags and can talk to ANY player regardless of graduation year about their softball program. Any coach may talk about their school's academic programs with any player.


Due to the COVID-19 crises , Team Northwest did not travel in 2020.


Each player will participate in a skills clinic Friday morning which will feature; pitching, catching, offense and defense (ground balls and fly balls). Each player will play 3 instructional and controlled showcase games on Saturday morning.  After the team showcase games on Sunday all players are welcome to take part in the college coach open house starting roughly at 12:45pm.  This is the opportunity for players to carry on conversations with college coaches and learn more about their schools and programs.

College coaches will be on the field instructing players during all individual showcase games. Participants will have new set of college coaches each game. This also allows participants to learn from as many coaches as possible.

Triple Crown uses a unique showcase game format. Innings will consist of 6 and 7 batter half innings (not 6 outs) for a 6 inning game. This allows for more playing and batting opportunities for participants.


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“This experience has opened up new doors and given her a level of confidence she hasn't had in the past. These three [coaches] believed in her and her abilities and supported her this whole weekend. Tori had a great experience being "away" from mom and dad and rooming with two gals who are now lifelong friends. She will be promoting this expereience to everyone she meets giving this program the reputation it is hoping for. She will work her hardest to be on the Team Nw next year too as she was exhausted but loved every moment. Tori is a twin and the two of them are already planning to work their hardest to be picked for the 2022 team to represent!Thank you for the great opportunity!” - Jeff and Wendy Smith,

Thank you for such a fantastic FPNW experience! Playing for Team Northwest and going to Vegas was the best softball trip I have EVER been  a part of. Everything was so well organized from the food preparation to hotel stay and transportation to and from the fields. I had such a fun time playing with girls from all over the Northwest. FPNW is such a great program. It was a great opportunity to  play in front of many college coaches across the country. Thank you for such a fantastic and memorable experience. I wish all my Team Northwest teammates success at the next level. I definitely recommended the program to any softball athlete looking to play after high school. -  Katie Lee


I had so much fun in Las Vegas with a super talented team. It didn’t take long at all for all of us to bond and become a family. This tournament was the best college exposure tournament I’ve ever been too. My favorite part was how fast that this team came together and we kicked butt at the tournament!  -  Makayia Anderson


This trip was the first travel tournament that I had gone to where my parents weren't going to be there and there wasn't a teammate who I'd known for a while that I was staying with. Which resulted in me becoming more comfortable with doing things on my own. Like packing enough lunch, talking with coaches, motivating myself to wake up at 5-5:30 am for the camp, etc. I would really recommend this experience to another girl if she was offered. You make new friends and create memories, along with playing the sport you love and meeting coaches and learning about potential colleges you may be interested in.  -  Cassandra Wright


Team NW was a great experience! The coaching staff was great and my teammates were amazing. It was the best experience ever! Team NW also gave me the opportunity  to continue my softball career in college. On that trip I meet the best two coaches ever and now I’m going to sign with them soon. I will continue my softball career at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati OH at the D3 level.  -  Hailey Johnson


Participating with the Fastpitch Northwest All Star Team at the City of Lights Tournament has been one of the highlights of Makayla's softball career so far.  The things that stand out to me were first the relationships and friendships that were created with teammates, and coaches.  She is still in communication with all the girls and coaches from the team.  I was impressed on how well the team meshed together, and how well they played.   I think this speaks to the caliber of athlete, which includes both talent and moral character that Fastpitch Northwest brought together to play at the Tournament.  It was impressive to see how putting those girls together, elevated their individual play.  Together they were a force to be reckoned with on the field.  The City of Lights Tournament exceeded my expectations, the skills show case for college coaches, team tournament, and the games being coached by college coaches were fantastic. The events were highly organized, and Makayla made a ton of contacts with softball programs all over the country.  I would highly recommend it.  -  Todd Mauger


It was an absolute Joy to be able to coach this talented group of athletes. Every one of these players were great teammates the whole time, they were all respectful, dedicated and worked hard. We had many college coaches coming to our Dugout interested in players and spoke highly of Team Northwest talent.  -  Shaunie Kennedy Team Northwest Coach

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