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Mauldin to Lead Hawaii, B.C. Return to Fastpitch Northwest

Fastpitch Northwest Staff - 4-27-2021

Fastpitch Northwest general manager Mike Brooks said one of his first goals when he accepted to lead the organization was to re-establish “our relationship with Hawaii and British Columbia.”

Brook said he was thrilled to announced that Fastpitch NW is moving in that direction by naming senior advisor Tom Mauldin to head up those endeavors.

“This is exciting for us,” said Brooks, in his third year at the helm of FPNW. “Players from these two hotbeds of fastpitch talent have always raised the competitive level of Fastpitch Northwest College Exposure Tournament play.

Brooks noted that Mauldin will head up prospect evaluations camps in Maui and Honolulu in November and that the standout island players would be invited to the 2022 college exposure tournament to be held the last week of July.

“Tom will lead our effort to find the top players in Hawaii and British Columbia to invite to our College Exposure event,” said Brooks.

“His reputation and relationship in the Northwest Fastpitch community make him the perfect fit for the position of Director at Large for Hawaii and British Columbia,” added Brooks.

Mauldin has been with Fastpitch Northwest for 11 years and has conducted more than 150 prospect evaluation camps, including several in Hawaii and British Columbia. He has played and coached in more than 3,000 games.

“This is very exciting for us,” said Mauldin, former national softball editor for MaxPreps and a retired college coach. “The talent has been outstanding and the Canadian and Hawaiian players have always shown well at the camps and especially at the tournament.”

Hawaii coaches are very pleased to see the renewed opportunity for their players.

“We are very excited to hear that FPNW is returning to Hawaii,” said Dennis Harmon, who heads up the Titan softball program on Maui.  “Many of our Maui Titans players have benefited from the experience of both the Player Evaluation Camp and Tournament in the past. The next wave of Titans players will now have the opportunity to participate and get that much needed college coaches exposure.”

Harmon’s daughters participated in Fastpitch NW and his youngest, Aliya, is a freshman at Weber State.

“FPNW is a wonderful vehicle in exposing our local Hawaii athletes to the beauty and safety that surrounds the Pacific Northwest,” said Keoke Behic , head coach at Kapolei High School. “As a coach I can confidently say to the parents I speak with that one of the main factors in choosing a college is safety. Knowing that when your daughter puts her head down at night she is safe. Personally I feel exactly that and also the main reason why my own daughter attends school in the Pacific Northwest.”  

Behic’s daughter, Jade, plays at Lower Columbia CC and will attend Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma in the fall.

While prospect camps are being scheduled for November in Hawaii, Mauldin noted that the groundwork has just begun for British Columbia. He added “stay tuned.”

“I am very excited to announce that Coach T has accepted this role that I believe will further our mission to offer Fastpitch players enhanced opportunities to perform before college coaches and advance to the ‘Next Level’ of competition.

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