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Award-Winning Marks Highlight 2018 Prospect Camps

By Tom Mauldin


Taylor Barker, Carly Pena, Jace Seavert and Sydney Wells were among the top honorees during Fastpitch Northwest’s recently-held College Exposure Tournament.

Wells (Selah, WASH) dominated the 2021 class as she led in four categories – infield throw at 64 miles per hour, outfield throw at 66 MPH, exit bat speed at 77 MPH and 1.72 for her catcher pop to pop time.

Pena (Boise, ID) picked up a pair of top times in the 2020 home to first (2.61) and home to home (11 seconds flat). Pena also had the highest vertical jump at 26-3.

Seavert (LaGrande, ORE) had the top pop to pop time for 2020s at 1.62 and Barker (Chehaslis, WASH) set a new Fastpitch NW record at 80 MPH in the bat exit speed. Seavert also had the top power ball throw at 41 feeet.

Barker’s 80 MPH swing was the only record-setting event in 2018. Here’s a brief look at the records:

Home to First: 2.5 Home to Home: 10.61 Infield Throw: 70 MPH Outfield Throw: 70 MPH Fastball Pitching: 64 MPH Pop to Pop Time: 1.50 Vertical Jump: 28-7 Shuttle: 3.84 Power Ball: 51 feet

Other winners include:

From the 2019 Class:

Home to first: Bailey Lebreton (2.72). Home to home: Sammie Petit (11.4). Infield Throw: Ashton Cathey (62 MPH). Outfield Throw: Chelby Smalley (65 MPH). Fastball Pitching: Delaney Glzer. Pop to Pop: Zoe Naugle (1.63). Shuttle: Emma Moen (4.40).

From the Class of 2020:

Exit Bat Speed: Cassandra Wright (75 MPH). Outfield Throw: Cienna Gunter (62 MPH). Fastball Pitching: Makayla Mauger (61 MPH).

From the Class of 2021:

Home to First: Jaye Guichlaar (2.53). Home to Home: Jaye Guichlaar (11.25). Fastball Pitching: Hailey Rainey (60 MPH)

From the Class of 2022:

Home to First: Hadley Durham (2.75). Home to Home: Taryn Barney (11.93). Infield throw: Sydney Groves (61 MPH and Ambert Thornton (61 MPH). Outfield Throw: Sydney Groves (66 MPH). Exit Bat Speed: Mary Chabot (75 MPH). Pop to Pop: Summer Makinster (1.84). Fastball Pitching: Ambert Thornton (60 MPH).

From the Class of 2023:

Home to First: Ashley Goodale (2.62). Home to Home: Ashley Goodale (11.48). Fastball Pitching: Ally Parker (58 MPH) Infield Throw: Marissa Mauger (54 MPH) Outfield Throw: Alyssa Hoff (57 MPH). Exit Bat Speed: Taryn Takayoshi (73 MPH).

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