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Hawaii PECs leaving Olson, Larabee smiling

11/29/2017, 1:00pm PST
By Tom Mauldin

It’s not the warm weather. It’s not the jumbo shrimp. It’s not the sandy beaches. And it’s not Christmas shopping that keeps Fastpitch Northwest director Ken Olson returning to the Hawaii each year.
Olson is shopping alright, but it’s talented softball players he is seeking.
“As we always do when we are working with our Hawaii kids, we see talent,” said Olson after his eighth trip to the Islands to hold Prospect Evaluation Clinics on Maui and Oahu.
 Olson noted that all total, 39 players attended the PECs and there was no shortage of talent.
“The cool part is that our college coaches over here (mainland) will be able to see many of these kids next July in Centralia,” said Olson, referring to Fastpitch NW’s annual College Exposure Tournament.
Assisting Olson this year on the Hawaiian tour was Central Washington University head coach Mike Larabee.
“When I look back at the Maui camp at Baldwin HS, I can’t help be impressed with hard throwing 2019 grad Ocean Makekau and the numbers she put up on the day. She is a solid all around athletic kid.”
Makekau was clocked with an overhand throw from shortstop at 64 miles per hour and 65 mph from the outfield. She also had the top ball of bat Exit Speed at 76 mph, just three mph off the Fastpitch NW record.
“In the foot speed department, there were multiple kids who stood out throughout the day.  Alyssa Ferreira (2020), Samantha Martinez (2020), Daisha Dagdag (2019), and (2023) Makanani (Maka) Sonognini. Maka, probably was one of the best seventh grade kids I have ever seen. I was surprised to hear she just started playing softball.”  
 Sonognini had the fastest home to first on Maui at 2.70. She was one of five who clocked under 12 seconds. The top time belonging to Daisha Dagdag at 11.34.
“There was a good group of hitters led by Dagdag, Martinez and (2019’s) Erin Prieto and Jordyn Vierra,” said Olson. Martinez is a 2020, the other three are 2019s.
“The Maui Titans program, led by Dennis Harmon, is so fundamentally strong and was very well represented,” noted Olson.
The Hawaii Pearls and Momentum club players were dominant at the Kapolei High School PEC on Oahu.”
“When asked, how many players have been with us before, over 15 players raised their hands,” said Olson. “I knew going into the camp we were going to see great softball, and they didn’t disappoint. Just like over in Maui, these kids are always wanting to learn and get better.”
 Pitchers Jade Behic (2019) and Alohilani Napalapalai (2021) clocked 59 and 60 mph to grab the attention of Larabee. Napalapalai also lit up the overhand outfield throw at 68 mph.
“When looking at the numbers, Nadia Delzer (2019) really showed up to compete hard. She clocked 64 mph with her outfield throw, recorded a 2.72 home to first and in the circle she was in the mid 50’s with all of her pitches.
Another all-around player who put up consistently good numbers was Jayda Favela (2021). She had the fastest home to home time in 11.18 and was 2.78 home to first.
Along with Delzer, Chloe Poniatowski (2020) was consistently putting up solid numbers in all areas.
Olson said the hitters on Oahu were very solid and singled out
Behic, Napalapalai, Hilari Ballenti (2020), Kobe Brown (2019), Sydney Kamakaiwi (2020) and Davi-Jan Rodrigues (2020).
 He also praised a pair of 2019 catchers Gaylynn Ha and Kailah Gates Coyaso.

20-Yard Sprint: Lakaiya-Braessia Kahahawai-Kekona (2022), 2.91; Daisha Dagdag (2019), 2.92, Makanani Sonognini (2023), 2.92.

Shuttle: Lakaiya-Braessia Kahahawai-Kekona (2022), 4.81; Alyssa Ferreira(2020), 4.82; Samantha Martinez (2020), 4.82.

Power Ball: Ashley Gamble (2021), 38; Samantha Martinez (2020), 37; Alyssa Ferreira (2020), 36; Haley Gomes (2019), 36; Ocean Makekau (2019) 36.

Vertical Jump: Lakaiya-Braessia Kahahawai-Kekona (2022), 22.8; Samantha Martinez (2020), 21.7; Erin Prieto (2019), 21.5; Anjaylyn Salva (2021), 21.5; Alyssa Ferreira (2020), 21.5.

Home to First: Makanani Sonognini (2023), 2.70; Alyssa Ferreira(2020), 2.72; Samantha Martinez (2020), 2.75.

Home to Home: Daisha Dagdag (2019), 11.34; Samantha Martinez (2020), 11.50; Alyssa Ferreira(2020), 11.61;  Lakaiya-Braessia Kahahawai-Kekona (2022), 11.62.

Infield Throw: Ocean Makekau (2019), 64.

Outfield Throw: Ocean Makekau (2019), 65; Cynthia Jimenez, (2019), 61.

Pop to Pop: Samantha Martinez (2020), 1.90; Jordyn Vierra (2019), 1.97.

Fastest Pitch: Jovita Laloulo (2022), 52 mph.

Slowest Change: Ashley Gamble (2021), 30 mph.

Ball Exit Speed: Ocean Makekau (2019), 76 mph; Lakaiya-Braessia Kahahawai-Kekona (2022), 73 mph; Ashley Gamble (2021), 72 mph; Alyssa Ferreira(2020), 70.


20-Yard Sprint: Jayda Favela (2021), 2.86; Chloe Poniatowski (2020), 2.89.

Shuttle: Gaylynn Ha (2019), 4.80; Jayda Favela (2021), 4.81;

Power Ball: Davi-Jan Rodrigues (2020), 38 feet; Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 38.

Vertical Jump: Ashley Membrere (2020, 21.8; Jayda Favela (2021), 20.5; Madison Mihaya (2020, 20.5.

Home to First: Nadia Delzer (2019), 2.72; Elora Tonaki (2020), 2.77; Jayda Favela (2021), 2.78.

Home to Home: Jayda Favela (2021), 11.18; Nadia Delzer (2019), 11.66.

Infield Throw: Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 66 mph; Chloe Poniatowski (2020), 63 mph.

Outfield Throw: Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 68 mph; Chloe Poniatowski (2020), 66; Hilari Ballenti (2020), 65.

Pop to Pop: Kailah Gates Coyaso (2019), 1.75, Gaylynn Ha (2019), 1.81.

Fastest Pitch: Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 60 mph; Jade Behic (2019), 59 mph; Nadia Delzer (2019), 56 mph.

Slowest Change: Jade Behic (2019), 38 mph; Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 41 mph.

Ball Exit Speed: Alohilani Napalapalai (2021), 78 mph; Jade Behic (2019), 73 mph.

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