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NWAC sophomore all stars display their skills

11/20/2017, 6:30am PST
By Tom Mauldin

The Northwest Athletic Conference held their first ever Prospect Evaluation Camp recently at Delta Park in Portland (Ore.) and put up some eye-popping numbers.

For starters, Douglas College’s Rachel Warburton was clocked in a 2.47 home to first, 10.97 home to home and had a 2.72 20-yard sprint time.

The NWAC PEC was held in conjunction with the NWAC’s annual Sophomore Showcase, an all-star event for the conference’s sophomores. Forty-three players participated in the PEC, which was conducted by Fastpitch NW director Ken Olson, his assistant Tom Mauldin and NWAC volunteers Justin Speer (head softball coach at Walla Walla Community College) and Jessica Buel (head softball coach at Clackamas Community College).

Not to be outdone by Warburton, Lesieli Aholelei of Edmonds College, recorded a 11.47 home to home, but was off the charts with a 69 mph outfield throw. She also recorded a 66 mph infield throw and had a 43 foot Powerball toss.

Walla Walla Community College’s Brandi Schoessler had the day’s fastest pitching time at 63 mph, while Bellevue College’s Kimberley Tutt had the slowest changeup at 35 mph. She also had the widest range between her fastest pitch, which was 58 mph, and her change up at 35 ... a 23 mph difference.

And Bellevue’s Jolene House recorded the day’s top vertical jump at 22.4, edging Schoessler and Chung, who were at 22.2.

Other top marks were recorded by Southwest Oregon College’s Marissa Peters at 2.63 home to first;  Clark College’s Shaz Nakoa-Chung had a 2.78 in te 20; Bellevue’s Madison Martinez clocked 67 mph in the outfield throw and 65 mph in the infield throw; Chemeketa’s Taufau Williams matched Aholelei’s 43-foot Powerball toss.

By comparison, Fasatpitch NW’s top high school marks are: home to first (2.44), home to home (10.61), 20-yard sprint (2.5), outfield and infield throw (70 mph), Powerball (51), vertical jump (28-6) and fastball pitching (64).

Due to time constraints, the NWAC PEC did not include pop to pop time for catchers or ball exit speed for hitting.

“Teaming up with Fastpitch Northwest for this event has been such a huge thing for the NWAC and our Exposure,” said Speer. “FPNW was so great with their organization and evaluations of our event. The Exposure our girls will get through FPNW and all of their connections to the four-year schools will be huge for our girls.”

In helping to bring greater National exposure to the NWAC, Fastpitch Northwest is mailing a postcard to every four-year college either side of the Mississippi River that offers softball. Player Profiles and PEC marks can be located at the Fastpitch Northwest website -

“Fastpitch NW is all about helping softball players in the NW get exposure to college coaches and with the recent testing our company did at the Sophomore Showcase,” said Fastpitch NW director Ken Olson. “ We were able to assist those sophomores in the NWAC to achieve that goal.”

Here are the top four in each even from the recent NWAC PEC:

Home to First - Rachel Warburton (Douglas), 2.47; Marissa Peters (Southwestern Oregon), 2.63; Jolene House (Bellevue), 2.65;  Shaz Nakoa-Chung (Clark), 2.70;

20-Yard Sprint - Rachel Warburton (Douglas), 2.72; Shaz Nakoa-Chung (Clark), 2.78; Marisa Peters (Southwestern Oregon), 2.80;  Alyssa Simons (Everett), 2.85;

Home to Home - Rachel Warburton (Douglas), 10.97; Lesieli Aholelei (Edmonds), 11.40; Cassa Courtney (Douglas), 11.41; Macie Smith (Treasure Valley), 11.58;

Infield Throw - Lesieli Aholelei (Edmonds), 66; Madison Martinez (Bellevue), 65; Taufau Williams (Chemeketa), 63; Tamia Hirano (Edmonds), 62; Mercedes Rothwell (Southwestern Oregon), 62; Marisa Coleman (Southwestern Oregon), 62;

CF to 3B - Lesieli Aholelei (Edmonds), 69; Madison Martinez (Bellevue) 67; Holiday Ann Ribac (Mt Hood), 65; Alyssa Simons (Everett) 63;

Powerball - Lesieli Aholelei (Edmonds), 43; Taufau Williams (Chemeketa), 43; Kimberlyn Tutt (Bellevue), 41; Shaz Nakoa-Chung (Clark), 40.

Vertical Jump - Jolene House (Bellevue), 22.4; Shaz Nakoa-Chung (Clark), 22.2; Brandi Schoessler (Walla Walla), 22.2; Shanay Dotson (Lower Columbia), 22.0;

Pitching Speed (fastball) - Brandi Schoessler (Walla Walla); Christine Robbins (Lower Clumbia), 60 mph; Marissa Peters (Southwest Oregon) 59, Kimberly Tutt (Bellevue) 58 and Rachel Collins (Walla Walla) 58.

Pitching Peed (changeup) - Kimberley Tutt (Bellevue), 35; Rachel Collins (Walla Walla), 38; Marissa Peters (Southwest Oregon), 44; Brandi Shoessler (Walla Walla), 46.

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