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Despite snow, Colorado players impress at PEC

05/23/2017, 6:00am PDT
By Tom Mauldin

Mother Nature dictates that they play high school softball in the fall in Colorado. Spring is often the time for downhill and cross country skiing. Even a little ice skating and lots of snow shoeing.

But on April 30th, 27 girls went indoors to participate in Fastpitch Northwest’s first Prospect Evaluation Camp held in Colorado. Though they had hoped to be outside, a snowstorm forced them indoors. Nothing new for them. Welcome to spring softball in Colorado.

Fastpitch Northwest director Ken Olson was not only pleased with the Parker, Colorado turnout, but impressed by the level of play.

“I was extremely impressed with the athletes we tested at the Colorado camp,” said Olson. “Plenty of great talent there and they really pushed each other during the camp.” 

 Olson noted that Taryn Moan, a 2019 prospect from Aurora (Colo.), had a great day in all four SPARQ events and was a real bright spot from the left side of the plate, offensively.

 “Another player that everyone should have on their radar was a 2022 grad, Jolie Cranford,” said Olson. “This tall strong pitcher was consistently in the mid-50’s in the circle and tossed the Powerball 35 feet.

 “I really enjoyed watching Bridgette Strobl throw the ball to the tune of 62 mph during Arm Strength testing,” said Olson. “She was consistent in the 60’s on all throws. Then that arm strength was on display again when she was catching by having a pop to pop time of 1.75.”  Not to be outdone, Chloe Doyle’s pop to pop catching time was 1.70, taking top honors for the day in that category.

The Colorado PEC is the fourth of the season for Fastpitch Northwest. The first three were held in November in Maui and Honolulu and Centralia in December. Olson noted that “a lot of tournament invites were issued” from those camps.

The Northwest swing of PECs will begin in Idaho on June 12, first in Pocatello and followed with June 13 in Twin Falls and June 14 in Caldwell.

Other PECs will be held during the weeks of June 19-23 and July 5.  The Fastpitch Northwest College Exposure Tournament is scheduled for July 18-20 at Borst Park in Centralia, Wash.

Top Colorado PEC Performers:

20-Yard Sprint
Taryn Moan, 2.86
Mackenzie Bakel, 2.92
Afton Larsen, 2.90

Taryn Moan, 4.81
Chloe Doyle, 4.88
Halie Litwin, 5.01

Power Ball:
Emily Sloan, 39
Jolie Cranford, 38
Taryn Moan, 37
Jessica Nunez, 35
Afton Larsen, 34

Vertical Jump:
Taryn Moan, 25.6
Emilia Coffman, 24
Jolie Cranford, 22
Emilee Sloan, 21.7

Home to First:
Jessica Nunez, 2.93
Taryn Moan, 3.03
Shayla Erickson, 3.09

Home to Home:
Taryn Moan, 12.06
Linnea Balder, 12.4
Jessica Nunez, 12.4

Infield Throw (MPH):
Bridgette Strobi, 61
Tori Litwin, 59
Taryn Moan, 59
Chloe Doyle, 58

Outfield Throw (MPH):
Chloe Doyle, 62
Bridgette Strobi, 62
Tori Litwin, 61

Ball (off bat) Exit Speed (MPH):
Jolie Cranford, 72
Gentry Morton, 72
Kendall Fengler, 71
Jessica Nunez, 70

Catcher Pop to Pop Time:
Chloe Doyle, 1.70
Bridgette Strobi, 1.75
Gianna Haley, 1.97

Pitching Fastball (MPH):
Haley Litwin, 56
Jolie Cranford, 56
Janessa Esquibel, 55

Pitching Changeup:
Jade Nunez, 36
Mackenzie Bakel, 36
Jamie Rader, 37
Leah Coackowski, 39

Pitching Drop:
Jolie Cranford, 56
Halie Litwin, 55
Jamie Radar, 54
Janessa Esquibel, 54

Pitching Rise:
Hailey Litwin, 55
Jolie Cranford, 54

Pitching Screw:
Halie Litwin, 55


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