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Frenquently Asked Questions

1.  If I can’t attend the Prospect Evaluation Camp (PEC) in my region because of a scheduling conflict, can I attend another PEC camp?

 Yes, you can. Please contact Fastpitch NW General Managert Mike Brooks to assist in scheduling you for another camp.

2.  If I can’t make any of the Prospect Evaluation Camps (PEC) is it possible for me to still play in the Fastpitch NW Championships in July?


Contact Mike Brooks for other options.

3.  Do I have to attend a PEC in order to go to the NW Championship?


Yes, college coaches all want the information from our camps to use as a comparison when recruiting and they want the unbiased statistics we provide with our profiles.

4.  Will there be college coaches at the PEC?

Typically we do not see college coaches at our PEC's as they want to see you compete in a game setting, not just a workout.  This is the reason the NW championship is so important to attend, it provides both.

5.  Do I have to be recommended in order to participate in the PEC?

Yes, college coaches like our program, because they know that all players have been recommended by a high school or travel coach.

6.  When will the list of College coaches be available to view?

We begin contacting college coaches in January and have the list available in March.  However, we always get more commitments so we will keep adding them.

7.  Pitchers: Do I have to bring my own catcher to the PEC?

No, there have been very few instances when we don't have at least one catcher for our PEC's

8.  What do I wear to the PEC?

FPNW asks that you wear normal practice apparel, but we do provide a camp shirt that will be worn during the camp.

9.  Can parents and friends come watch the PEC?

Absolutely! FPNW PEC's are open to all.

10.  When will I be able to view my profile online?

Personal Profiles will be up within 48 hours of your PEC.  Sparq Testing and Rank Stats will take up to 3 weeks to be finalized.

11. How do I make updates or changes to my profile?

A team member from FPNW will make any changes you provide.  Click HERE to email a FPNW team member with any updates or changes.