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Kearns Set Standard to Highlight 2020 PECs

Kearns 305.jpg

Jenna Kearns - Pocatello, ID 

Standing Broad Jump - 7' 7"

Bryan 309.HEIC

Maggie Bryan - White Salmon, WA 

Ball off Bat Exit Speed - 80mph

Wells 276.jpg

Sydney Wells - Selah, WA

Throw Velocity - 68 mph

Nelson 298.HEIC

Taylor Nelson - Exiter, NH

Power Ball Throw - 40'8"

Stacy 295.jpg

Megan Stacy - Caldwell, ID

Catcher Pop to Pop - 1.70

Barker Elizabeth.jpg

Elizabeth Barker - Prineville, OR

Home to First - 2.79

McIntyre 305.HEIC

Reiss McIntyre - Nampa, ID

Home to Home - 11.09

Sullivan Emma.jpg

Emma Sullivan- Bend, OR

20 Yard Sprint - 2.79

Boatman 226.HEIC

Melanie Boatman - Pendleton, OR

20 Yard Sprint - 2.79

By Tom Mauldin - 7/28/2020

Upcoming sophomore Jenna Kearns didn’t waste any time putting up a big number to steal the spotlight at Fastpitch Northwest’s Prospect Evaluation Camps (PEC) when she leaped seven-feet, seven inches in the standing long jump.


This the first year Fastpitch NW has used the standing long jump as one of its testing criteria. Prior to 2020, Fastpitch NW utilized the vertical jump as a testing criteria to go along with power ball toss, 20-yard sprint and transfer run.


Kearns, a 2023 from Highland High School (Pocatello, ID), bettered by three inches other competitors at PECs in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Eleven other athletes jumped seven feet or better.


Kearns wasn’t the only athlete putting up impressive numbers as pitchers Allison Parker, Haley Rainey and Kiya Kennedy put themselves in the spotlight.


Kennedy, a 2021 from Rochester (WA), didn’t reach 60 miles per hour as did Rainey and Parker, but her differential between her fastball (59) and her change up (35) was an eye-popping 24 seconds.


Rainey, a 2021 from Adna (WA), and Parker, a 2023 from Bend (OR) each clocked 62 mph with their fastballs.


Parker also clocked 62 mph with her curve and drop ball.


With all the PEC marks updated to the Fastpitch Northwest website, Fastpitch Northwest director Mike Brooks turns his attention to picking the team for the upcoming College Exposure Tournament to be held August 3-4 in Keizer, OR. The annual event is normally held in Centralia (WA), but due to COVID19 restrictions in Lewis County (WA), the tournament has been moved and instead of a three-day event, it will take place over two days.


“It’s a lot to move it (the event), but we want to get the players on the field to display their abilities,” said Brooks. “This is a great opportunity for the girls and we’re happy that despite all the restrictions and changes, we can make it happen.”


Brooks said he was very exciting about this year’s prospects as well as the success of the prospect evaluation camps and is “looking forward to seeing them on the field in Oregon.”


During the PECs, players are tested for fielding, hitting and their ability to run, throw, hit and jump, as well as their quickness and power. Criteria used are the national SPARQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness) and the National Fastpitch Coaches Associations requirements of Exit Velocity (speed of ball off the bat), overhand throw, pitching speed, catchers pop-to-pop time from home to second and running times from home to first and home to home.


Other top 2020 PEC marks include:


Elizabeth Barker clocked 2.79 seconds from home to first. She is a 2021 from Crook County High School (Prineville, OR).


Megan Stacy recorded 1.7 seconds pop to pop time (home to second throw for catchers). She is a 2021 from Vallevue High School (Caldwell, ID).


Taylor Nelson 40-8 power ball throw. She is a 2022 from Phillips Exeter Academy (Exiter, New Hampshire).


Reiss McIntrye 11.09 home to home time. She is a 2021 from Ridgvue (Nampa, OR).


Sydney Wells, who has committed to Fordham, 68 miles per hour overhand throw. She is a 2021 from Selah, WA.


Maggie Bryan recorded an 80 mph exit velocity. She is a 2023 from Columbia High School (White Salmon, WA).


Melanie Boatman and Emma Sullivan clocked 2.78 second in the 20-yard sprint. Boatman is a 2024 from Pendleton (OR) and Sullivan is a 2020 from Bend (OR).


Other top pitching marks include:


Rainey with a 61 mph screw.


Madaline Schumacher with a 33 mph change up. She is a 2024 from Pendleton, OR.


Parker and Rainey also recorded 61 mph rise balls.

rmation, grade point average, high school and club team contacts.

Rainey Haley-283.jpg

Haley Rainey - Adna, WA 

Fastball Velocity - 62 mph

Parker Allison.jpg

Allison Parker - Bend, OR

Fastball Velocity - 62 mph